NOscar is a library for connecting to the ICQ and AIM server using the OSCAR protocol.
It is written in C# for the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1.
Only small parts of the protocol have been implemented.
However, it can already be used in the DG Network instant messenger to communicate with ICQ users.

Current features:

The download includes the source code of the library and a small example application. The projects can be opened with SharpDevelop.

Currently, the library only implements the low-level stuff (classes for the different packet types etc.), and you'll have to do much protocol-near coding yourself (but you can use the classes for the data structures -> you don't need to decode the data yourself). In the future, the high-level stuff currently residing in the ICQ-Addin will be moved into the library so that they can be used independent from DG Network.

The library is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

I'm no longer working on DG Network or NOscar.